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Before anything else, thank you for clicking on this link and reaching here, shows us you care,and we need more people like you to care if we want to make a change to better the life of our community animals. 

CHANGE begins with YOU showing up.🐾You’re pawsome!🐾Thank You for getting here. 😊


An ABC(animal birth control) + ARV(anti-rabies vaccine) Drive.

Together, Give Goa Dogs,an individual initiative and WorldWide Veterinary Service are targeting to help 2500+ dogs in a span of 11 weeks.ADMC is a humane sterilization and vaccination drive in Margao (South Goa) for the community Street Dogs.

AllDogsMatterCamp Goa begins from end September till mid December 2023. 

Help us achieve this with your support.

💚💙🧡Categories of Sponsorship💚💙🧡

(Option-10  is put in “any” amount comfortable for you.)

1.Give Goa Dogs Hope

(Per Camp Dog Sponsorship)

🧡Hope Givers🧡

10 Dogs - Rs. 20,000

50 Dogs - Rs. 1,00,000

100 Dogs- Rs. 2,00,000

(any amount given helps, please give what you can)

2.Give Goa Dogs Health

(Entire Clinic Running Sponsorship)

💙Health Givers💙

1 Day of the Clinic - Rs. 60,000

1 Week of Clinic - Rs. 2,50,000

1 Month of Clinic - Rs. 8,00,000

(any amount given helps, please give what you can)

3.Give Goa Dogs Compassion

(Kennel fabrication Sponsorship)

( your dogs name will be put on the kennel as e.g. Cooper’s Friends)

💚Compassion Givers💚

1 Kennel- Rs. 11,000

5 Kennels- Rs. 50,000

10 Kennels- Rs. 1,00,000

(any amount given helps, please give what you can)

**Please click on the “paw here now please ” Button to make a donation.**

Option-10  is put in “any” amount comfortable for you.

Please Note:WVS India is recognised under 80G5(vi) of the Indian income tax act. 

WVS india is a registered charity(reg no. 79/2010) recognised by the animal welfare board of india(govt. of india). 

✨Any amount given will make an impact. Please give what you can.✨

🐾Your Support🐾

“Home Dogs Support Community Dogs”

When you donate, we will do a thank you post showcasing your doggy/cat/bird/goat as the sponsor for our community dogs. Please connect on +91. 9920580022 for your furry friends details to go up at camp aswell as on our social media platforms.  

You can check out our work on:

@givegoadogs (Instagram handle) 

@wvsgoa (Instagram handle)

🐾🌎Let’s Build a kinder World Together🌎🐾

This is our journey to make an impactful change in animal welfare. To be better, to do better by creating something which is the first of its kind, a pop-up clinic in a camp format that keeps each individual community dog’s care as a priority. The goal is to manage the community street dog population through Sterilization (the root challenge) and over a period of time the final outcome being that each and every dog has a home. 


Team ADMC Goa

AllDogsMatterCamp ADMC Goa

Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS) provides free expert care to animals in need all over the world. WVS is committed to the welfare of dogs in Goa. 

Through this camp ADMC in partnership with Give Goa Dogs, WVS aims to sterlize and vaccinate against Rabies up to 2500 + dogs in 11weeks to help the city of Margao better manage its community street dog population.

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